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Possibly made by Wright and  Butler Ltd of Birmingham England. 
The burneris marked for them, and that is the only hallmark to go by on the piece.
The company was founded in 1866 in Birminghan, England. c1913 they were taken over by Veritas but their tradename continued. 

Provenance is from A Hudson Valley estate Collection of early Circus memorbilia.
Was said this lantern was used in an early traveling circus wagon.

Slide off removable  globe guard 
Very ornate filigree   etched globe, that slides off to remove
Inner chimney with burner and gallery.
Top chimney and bail is similar to what is seen on lanterns from the 1850-70s
Lever near burner is used to open and close vent holes.

Condition - looks to have been restored nicely at one time, light pitting is shown under the black paint.
No visible working condition issues present.
No holes , rust or damage.
Shelf ready display  piece ! 

** has not been oil tested **

Wright & Butler Ltd lantern used for a traveling Circus

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