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It's Easy to Consign Online With The Antique Lantern

No matter where you live, it's easy to consign your lanterns with us. To help determine the true value of your item(s) all we need is a photo and some background information. Simply E-mail or send us clear photographs of your items along with the following information:

  • Condition of the item 

  • Any history, or interesting details, about the item 

  • Dimensions 

  • Markings, signatures or dates - if any 

  • Material the item is made of

Procedures for Sending Photographs

  • We recommend that you take photographs of all views of your object (top, sides, front, back, and bottom).

  • Photograph all marks, signatures and dates as well as all signs of wear and tear to the item (e.g., tears, cracks, chips, and scratches).

  • List all colors if they are not accurately represented in the photographs.


  • Originals only...  reproductions or new items are never sold at The Antique Lantern.

  • Lanterns to be  made prior to 1940

  • Advertising memorabilia or Trinkets related to Lantern Companies.

We will help you determine the value of your items, ensuring a fixed fair price. FREE OF CHARGE to our consignors

Fee Structure

  • Our commission is 25% for collections and 15% for single items of the selling price.

  • Consignors are paid as soon as we are paid and item has been shipped, after which we are paid a percentage of the sale price and you are paid the balance

  • Consignors are held responsible for shipping costs to us.

  • We must be in physical possession of consignment items in order to effectively market them and avoid misrepresentation

Live Far Away? 

  • If you live too far away or do not want to ship your item, just send us photos of your antique or collectible for consideration.

  • If we agree to work together, simply ship it to us. We'll take care of the rest!

You Don't Have To Worry

  • If your item sells through our site or at one of our venues, we handle the shipping and charge the buyer.

  • We Professionally photograph and represent your item to the fullest.

  • Photographing of each lot and creation of a professional slide show presentation

  • You are not responsible for any tax on our end.

  • All items are insured under our policy once in possession and we hold responsibility if an accident or theft occurs, in the invent of that case , you will be compensated.


To ensure your merchandise reaches the broadest audience possible, we market your items:

  • On the Internet

  • On our website

  • At Antique and Lantern shows or conventions

  • Via direct mail notices and email announcements

  • Informing prospective buyers about your item thru our large connection of collectors

In short, we tell the world about you and offer them a world of opportunities to buy your merchandise.

Don't delay!

Contact us today about consigning your merchandise!

That extra money in your pocket is a phone call away!

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