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2021 Key Lock & Lantern Convention

Rescheduled to August 13-15, 2021 - Carbondale, PA

The 2020 Key, Lock & Lantern Convention will be combined with our 2021 convention on August 13-15, 2021 at the Hotel Anthracite in downtown Carbondale, PA, a short distance outside of Scranton, PA. Activities include an excursion on the scenic Stourbridge Line railroad, the Transportation History Exposition, railroadiana fundraiser sale, a banquet with railroad history presentations, visits to local museums, and plenty of time to meet with fellow collectors and transportation history buffs. All railroad & transportation enthusiasts and collectors are invited to attend. Join us for an enjoyable weekend!

Brimfield Flea Market 2021 Guide

Brimfield will be very small for May and fully open for July & September

Due to specific rules and regulations mandated by the Commonwealth of Mass. that would need to be followed in order to open, many of the 22 shows have already announced that they will NOT OPEN for May but look forward to opening for the July and September events. Thus far, the following shows will not be opening: Hertan’s, Central Park, Stephen’s Place, Quaker Acres, Heart O the Mart, May’s, Mahogany Ridge, New England Motel, Collins Apple Barn, Dealer’s Choice, Midway, Brimfield Acres North, Shelton’s, Sturtevant’s, Crystal Brook, Francesco’s Show, Green Acres, Grand Trunk.

Brimfield Auction Acres has announced that they will be OPEN for May Brimfield.

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