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8 Reasons to have an item appraised

  1. You Should Know What Your Items Are Worth

  2. You Should Have An Inventory For Estate Purposes

  3. You Should Have An Inventory To Determine Adequate Insurance Coverage

  4. If You Relocate, A Moving Company Needs To Know The Value

  5. In Case Of Burglary, You Need To Know What Is Missing

  6. If You Donate Items, You May Get A Tax Deduction

  7. You Must Know The Relative Scarcity Of Your Items

  8. If You Decide To Sell Items You Need To Know What Is A Fair Price To Ask


There are a number of factors you must consider when determining the value of an antique or collectible. Looking an item up in a price guide or finding a comparable item is only the beginning.In this article I have listed some guide lines to use when valuing your antique or collectible.


I will start with one of the most important things to consider when determining the value of an item.


As an appraiser one of the first things I look at is condition. The condition of an item can affect the value dramatically. An item in good to mint condition will bring far more then an item in below average or poor condition. Condition always affects an item no matter how rare the item is.  Look for the following when determining condition:

  • Cracks, Fractures or Chips in the globe

  • Crazing

  • Defects

  • Finish Condition

  • Condition of the Material the item is made of (ie. Brass,Tin,Copper and etc)

  • Over all condition

  • Missing Parts or Pieces

  • Flaws

  • Repairs or Touch ups

  • Excessive ware

  • Dents or Rust

  • Stains or Marks

  • Anything that keeps your item from being in like new or mint condition. 


Antique and Collectible Market Trends: Antique values can be affected by market trends, this can happen quickly. Watching your favorite antique or collectible market will help you determine the true value of your item. Market trends can affect the price in a positive way by driving prices up or a negative way by bringing the prices down. If you are using a price guide the prices at the time of printing may have been affected by a market trend that no longer exists.

Check for Marks:

This is one of the first things an appraiser looks for. You will always see an appraiser pick up an item and look for a mark. Maker's marks or signatures on any item can tell you a lot about the piece. Here are some things a mark can tell you:

  • If the item is real or fake (Be careful of fake marks)

  • Date the item was made. Many makers changed their marks frequently and knowing when a mark was used can help you determine the age and authenticity of an item.

  • Who made the item. Value is determined not only by what company or where an item was made.

  • Pattern or design information. Knowing the pattern or design can change the value of an item. This information will also help when you are doing research on the item.


Rarity can play a major part in the value of an antique or collectible. Extremely rare items with some damage may still retain a decent value. For example a Lantern globe with a hair line crack will still bring a high price when sold. On the other hand a common globe with the same damage will not hold much value if any at all. If the item is common this will affect the price by making it worth less than a rare item, even if the items come from the same maker. A lot of the times this will happen with pottery or glassware when the patterns are different but the makers are the same.



F. Meyrose Lamp & Manufacturing Company

ST. Louis Mo.

Model name "MY FRIEND"

Please go to the Appraisal Agreement page for your Appraisal.

This is an example of an appraisal.  Every appraisal we submit is thoroughly researched and documented...



Prepared for
Your Name


Joseph Bokanoski

The Antique Lantern

Vernon, Connecticut

This document is for the evaluation

of the Lantern.


Maker (if applicable)

Model (if applicable)

Patent number (if applicable)


CONDITION: In excellent condition



1. This appraisal is submitted, using images and information supplied by YOUR NAME, without direct inspection of the Lantern.

2. The work of (MAKER)

3.  The prices shown in Appendix “A” include the buyer's premium charged by the vendor. Typically, auction houses charge 10 - 20% commission, plus add-on fees for photography, insurance, storage, transportation and other services normal to their business.

4.  The specific comparable images of the lantern chosen from the hundreds we researched, are included in this report for the reasons of, first, similarities;  second,  to show the different  style relationships typical of the maker; and third, to show how value is affected by the current market.

5. Research history on (MAKER) if applicable.

6. Provenance of the Lantern places it back to an owner,company,railroad or business. History will be researched and listed here if applicable.

7.  The condition of the lantern is described here, listed if parts are missing







The Lantern is a patent by (       )  The provenance of the Lantern is compelling and there is no reason to doubt its authenticity.  The Lantern is in good condition and well cared for, adding to its desirability.




Lantern        $400 - 600 USD





This appraisal for (YOUR NAME) is executed without direct inspection of the subject. The results are based on information submitted to us by (YOUR NAME). I certify that the information contained in this appraisal has been thoroughly researched and is a true, accurate and complete record of my findings. A copy of this report is retained at THE ANTIQUE LANTERN..

Certified on this day...
January 28, 2017

(Mr) Joseph Bokanoski
The Antique Lantern

91 Grand Ave.

Vernon,CT 06066

(860) 517-9196

On the internet at:






Appendix "A"

Research Findings - Auction Results for Comparable items.


Notes: Arranged chronologically by date of sale, most recent first.

The titles of each individual work, as listed below

correspond with the titles of the images that accompany this list.





Auction House: John Moran Auctioneers 06/20/2006 Lot: 62

Low Est.: $400

High Est.: $800

Sales Price $600


Auction House: Christie's Los Angeles 06/14/2006 Lot: 76

Low Est.: $200

High Est.: $300

Sales Price: $300



Auction House: Auction in Santa Fe, 08/11/2005 Lot: 401

Low Est.: $250

High Est.: $300

Sales Price: -not sold-



Appendix "B"


Standard Biographical References and resources used in research, and quoted in this appraisal are:










Appendix "C"

ABOUT The Antique Lantern

Owned and Operated by Joseph Bokanoski

Mr. Bokanoski has been a reputable collector,dealer and researcher in the Lantern collector community and is well respected.

Joseph Bokanoski

91 Grand Ave.

Vernon , Ct 06066

(860) 517-9196

Ill's mfg lantern

Please go to the Appraisal Agreement page for your Appraisal.

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