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Made by an obscure company,  the St. Louis Railway Supply Company
For a short time this company offered lanternsin the 1880s, making them very elusive.
For sale is only 1 of 3 that I know to exist and this is the only one with the reissue patent numbers and dates on top.

Patent 246,774 granted to Joseph Hirth 
September 6th 1881

Reissue patent 321,314 granted to F. Reinschmidt 
June 30th 1885

Steam Gauge and Lantern  Company sued St louis Railway supply in 1885 over patent infringements over this lantern.
More info found here :

Comes with a beautiful Ruby unmarked globe , brass No.1 burner and cone.

Condition - good
As for only 3 existing, any Condition would be desired to own an example of this obscure looking lantern.

It has had the bottom / skirt replaced and aged to match rest of frame.
Has 4 slits made on the backside of chimney for some reason.
Lift is fully operational,  and has no visible working condition issues.
Displays nice as is .

** has not been  oil tested **

St. Louis Railway Supply Co ( Eagle Lift tubular)

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