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Made by S.M.Aikman from N.Y.
Circa 1870s 
This large blackout lantern features a 6in barrel globe marked FOD SONS , glass fount with convex No.1  flat wick burner.

Used by the U.S. Coast Guard , the sliding doors allow for the light to be shown or blacked out while staying lit.
Also has a brass strap in the lower body that is movable to block air flow to the lower vents.
The top is a bayonet style release. 
Very heavy duty solid brass  construction of this lantern .
Condition  - is excellent,  nice overall patina to the brass , no cracks , dents or visible condition issues present. 
Looks to be unfired , no signs of kero or soot.

** has not been oil tested **

S.M. Aikman U.S. Coast Guard Blackout lantern ( unfired )

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