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Made by S.M. Aikman from N.Y. 
Model is from their "O.K." line of lanterns. 
Solid brass fixed globe construction. 

Features the first patented removable globe guard , an innovative idea that never really caught on .
Patented by W.H. Pierce of Cambridge Mass. Improvements in globe guards patented February 18th 1862 

The guard simply bands together and the hexagonal horizontal guard slides on. ( very simple poor design)

This is the only patented guard I've seen .

Burner is marked  Patented  June 23, 1863 and has a snuff cap. 

Condition  - excellent,  as found Condition with perfect patina,  clean plaster .
No cracks to the brass .
Slight dimple dent to the top.

No visible condition issues present. 

** has not been oil tested **

S.M. Aikman Mfg. Fixed globe With W.H. Pierce 1862 removable globe guard patent

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