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Steam Gauge & Lantern Co 
Early Lift wire (LW) Model made into a safety mill with lockable cage for the Dewey & Sons company of Boston , Massachusetts
This is a very unique model , I have only seen one other.
Virtually all the Dewey Mill models out there are made by Dietz and C.T. Ham and was only known that untill this model surfaced made by S.G.& L. Co
Like its later made Dietz models , this features a lockable globe plate and cage.
Also unique is the reinforced bail.

Brass Romer & Co lock 
Hotblast bullseye globe 

Condition  - good , was semi restored by someone,  looks to be not long ago.
Paint is still decent with some chips.
Pointed out is some condition issues,  1 dent in the back with a smaller dimple dent next to it.
Some edge loss to the skirt.
Globe seems to have a hairline crack just floating in the middle of the globe . ( looks stable and hasn't moved since I've had it.)

Closer look of the frame looks good , no heavy rusting or pitting present. 

** has not been oil tested **

S.G. & L. Tubular LW Safety MILL model made for Dewey & Sons

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