Short lived Lantern manufacture , Rochester Lantern company,  circa 1890s, was consumed by Defiance lantern & Stamping. 
Features - a backwards fount , filler spout is on the reverse side of the burner and globe retainer. 
Brass No.1 burner and cone 
Brass 9/16 filler
Frame is stamped Rochester on one side and Lantern Company on the reverse. 

Clear marked ROCHESTER 0 tubular globe , which is very rare to find.
Rochesters signature style attached globe guard lift, is unique only to this company. 

Condition  - excellent,  clean smooth bright tin.
Heavy solder around the skirt is either factory,  or a very old touch up job.
Some dents in the skirt.
No heavy rusting or pitting present. 

Globe has some light scratches in the body portion.

** has not been oil tested **

Rochester Lantern Co. Tubular ( marked globe )