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Pagoma was the private store brand of the Paxton & Gallagher wholesale & hardware Co. of Omaha, Nebraska. The name Pagoma is derived from PAxton-Gallagher-OMAha. Paxton & Gallagher Wholesale Grocery was founded in 1879 by William A. Paxton, and Ben Gallagher in Omaha, Nebraska. A few years later they became one of the largest grocery companies in the West. Business took off when they launched their Butter-Nut line of foods, especially after 1913 when they began selling Butter-Nut brand coffee. The Paxton and Gallagher Wholesale Grocery firm was sold to Gilbert C. Swanson and W. Clarke Swanson and renamed Butternut Foods in 1958.

This model is made off of the Embury No.2 coldblast  Camlox featuring a unique top sliding arm to release the chimney for globe tilt out access .
Ornate scrolled design top and air tubes.
Wooden gripped bail.
Brass fuel cap 
Cherry on top is the PAGOMA shield logo globe .  " Shield is quality " 
This is a work of art designed lantern.

Condition - very good barn fresh unrestored condition.
No pitting or heavy rusting
Only issue presentis a dent on chimney top.

** has not been oil tested **

Pagoma No.2 short globe top lift ( shield logo globe )

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