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The Ohio Brilliant made by The Ohio Lantern Co. Tiffin, Ohio
As advertised,  it is stronger made than any tubular lantern and will withstand winds to keep a brilliant white flame.

These were made in single and the harder to find double guard wire version.
Features a tilt back design to access the (unique for this models) burner.
The clear unmarked globe is also unique to this model and the Ohio no.2 RR and the Baron Buggy lantern. 
Patent dates of 1881,1882 are stamped in an oval on its chimney.

Condition - very good for this model,  these frames are very prone to rusting holes in the lid and fount.
Metal is clean , no heavy rusting or pitting present. 
No loose solder or working issues. 

** has not been oil tested **

Ohio Lantern Company (the Brilliant) double guard version

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