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Made by Fleming and Torrens of Pittsburgh,  PA
John Fleming's patent of July 6th 1855 is hallmarked on the bottom of the fount .
Every model made by this company uses their signature style pinch release removable fount / skirt.
Also every model from this company known is fixed globes that do not use plaster.
Some globes  are simply just held in by the guard wires , some have a retaning ring soldered inside .

This model features a whale oil No.1 burner ( candle options were also available)

Condition  - very good,  all the guard wire joints  have been re soldered and tightened .
Features a dark oil coating to the fame .
Fount release mechanism is working smoothly.
No holes or damage to the frame .
Light pitting to the skirt.

Globe has lots of swirls and bubbles , even one odd large bubble cluster that looks like a white circle.

** has not been oil tested **

Fleming & Torrens J. FLEMING 1855 Patent fixed globe

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