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Fernidad (F.) Meyrose Lantern & Manufacturing Company

Circa 1890s Dash model 

For years Meyrose has skated around other companies patent designs,  often closely mimicking them, which led to many infringement lawsuits .
Also making any lantern made by Meyrose sought after , as not many were made.

This dash model is a close resemblance of a Dietz Buckeye, with a Buhl inspired lift mechanism.
Meyrose's unique styled Sun ray design on the dash,  and wooden bail grip.

Globe is cast with the letter ( B ) 
Brass No.1 burner & cone 

Condition  - good , does have a small dent pointed out below the filler spout , and some light pitting / etching all over.
No visible working condition issues present, looks like it will hold fuel with no issues.
No holes , or heavy rusting / pitting.

** has not been oil  tested**

F. Meyrose Lantern & Manufacturing Co Dash model

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