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The Dietz Little Wizard was introduced in 1913, and is the 3/4 version of the Wizard/D-Lite models.  There are several variations of the Little Wizard, including large fount versions, Art Deco streamline versions, as well as solid brass versions.   The first, and rarest, version of the Little Wizard has air tubes that are reinforced with horizontal beads only.  After 1916, the air tubes had both horizontal and vertical beads.  (From 1931 to 1933 an economy grade version with un-reinforced air tubes was made under the name "Gem.")  The first Streamline lanterns were introduced in 1936 with an "un-beaded" tank, and differ from those made after 1938 which have a "bead" or step in the sidewall of the tank.  In the 1950's a special  large tank version was introduced that had the same size tank as the streamline Blizzard and D-Lite lanterns.   The Little Wizard was used on street barricades prior to the development of battery powered strobe flashers.   Custom imprinted lanterns were ordered for government agencies, cities and municipalities so that ownership was never in question.  The Dietz factories in Hong Kong and China still produce the 1920's version of the Little Wizard lantern on some of  the original American tooling.
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Date production 1937 

This unstepped/unbeaded fount model of the Streamlined Little Wizard was only made for 2 years at the beginning of the streamlined production.

Amber cast Little Wizard globe

Condition - near mint excellent
Unfired / unused state .
Bright clean tin with minor surface rust in spots .
No condition issues. Shelf display ready!

Dietz Little Wizard ( unstepped fount ) 1937

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