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Buckeye Dash Lamp No.2 
Also known as the  No.2 Royal Dash Lamp Discontinued in 1897

Dietz Buckeye Dash:
The Dietz Buckeye evolved from the #13 Dash Lamp made in the 1890's, and is basically the same lantern as the square tube Victor with the addition of a reflector with a rear clamp to attach it to the dashboard of a horse drawn wagon.   (The Victor was also produced in a short lived "side lamp" version for attaching to the side of a wagon.)  Where the #13 Dash Lamp had a square "Top Lift," the Buckeye had a side lift in the same style as the Victor.  The Buckeye was produced from about 1895 into the 1940's in at least 5 different variations.

  The #2 size version of the Buckeye was the extremely rare Dietz Royal Dash.  

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Brass no.2 burner is marked R.E. DIETZ 
Large globe plate mounted bullseye 
Dietz 98 0 tubular globe 
New wick installed 
Anti spill chamber inside fount 
Last patent date is 1893 

Condition  - very good,  unrestored original condition,  appears to be originally painted black and at one time someone touched the black up. ( atleast that's what it looks like to me ).
Shows signs of light rust coming thru the paint but very solid , with no visible condition issues. 
Solid display or use ready lantern .

** has  not  been  oil  tested  **

Dietz Buckeye No.2 Dash model ( AKA Royal dash )

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