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Dietz Boy
The predecessor to both the Scout and Sport lanterns was the Dietz "Boy," (introduced in 1879,) which was a similar lantern that used the same size globe excepting that it had retainer grooves to keep the crown in place.  The "Boy" was discontinued in 1908, and left a void only partially filled by the larger "U.S. Tin" model dead-flame lantern that was produced from 1913 to 1918-1919, prompting the development of the "Scout" after World War 1.   Dietz marketed the successor lanterns as the "Boy Scout" and "Boy Sport" even though the lanterns were not stamped with the word "Boy."

Condition - excellent, neat mint .
High polished brass , with clean bright vertical wires and bottom.

No visible condition issues.
Shelf ready 

** has not  been oil tested **

Dietz BOY ( Brass safety skater's lantern) MINT

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