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Dietz Acme nspector Iantern
Dietz Acme Inspector:
The Dietz Acme Inspector Lamp was the most popular railroad lantern marketed for inspecting wheel bearings, journals, etc.  The Acme was also the last square tube Hot Blast lantern produced by Dietz, with production ending prior to 1960.  There are several variations of the Acme, the oldest style was introduced around 1900, and has a curved "solid" handle and a 9/16" fuel fill.  After 1912 all of the subsequent variations have a 3/4" fuel fill, and a squared off "solid" handle in addition to the bail.  A feature of the Acme is a steel reinforcement band to the outside of the air tubes.  The tooling for this lantern was destroyed after production stopped when the Dietz lantern factory in Syracuse was relocated to Hong Kong in the late 1950's.  (The pre-1897 predecessor to the Acme was the #0 Tubular Inspector Lantern.) The sister lantern to the Acme is the Beacon Dash Lamp, which was produced with the same tooling, and featured a dash board attaching clip instead of the solid handle.  Both the Acme and Beacon Dash Lamp used a 5" reflector, originally made of glass, and later made of nickel plated brass.    C.T. Ham produced the round tube "Empire" No. 0 Hood Car Inspectors Lantern, similar to the Acme.  When Dietz purchased the defunct C.T. Ham Co. in 1915, the tooling for the "Empire" was sold to the Star Headlight and Lantern Co. of Rochester, NY, who continued production with some modifications.
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Comes with a heavy weight Corning Nonex  marked Dietz Fitall globe 
Wooden bail grip handle 
Brass 3/4 fuel cap with wire cap keeper 
Appears to have a previous owners Social security  number etched intothe bottom.

Condition - excellent, almost all of its original tin plate intact .
No rust , pits , or damage.
Mercury reflector is good condition with average loss in the center.

No visible working condition  issues.

** has  not been oil tested**

Dietz Acme Inspector lantern ( Fitall globe )

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