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Made by Clark & Kintz of Meriden , CT.
P.J. Clark , Joseph Kintz
Sliding sleeve releases tensionto remove the globe.
Hallmarked PATD' DECEM 30. 1873

Unique fount? If you want to call it that.
Uses a hallmarked Excelsior patented July 4th 1876 ( from what I've seen istypically a candle insert tube) but is sealed for kero use.
No.1 burner collar attached with a No.1 Edward Miller made Simplex burner.
Fount is held in with some really strong sangster clips that sit into the notches on the frame perfectly.

Condition - excellent, no rust or pitting, very clean smooth tin.
Shelf ready condition.
No visible condition issues present. 

** hasnot been oil tested **

Clark & Kintz 1873 patent ( sliding sleeve removable globe )

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