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Very unusual lantern here , I have no idea of the maker or its actual intended use.
From its design,  it looks to be an outhouse type of lantern , the actual lantern sits into a carry along tray with a pin to lock the lip of the lantern in place. ( arrow pointing this out )
Attached to the lower body of the lantern is a buckboard clip .
Fount is soldered in place and is not removable from the lower body.
Uses a long brass wick tube burner ( smaller diameter than the standard No.1 burners )

Thru the top cap is a brass chain connected to a  tin burner  snuffer.
The top cap is pretty snug on and won't come off , dose  not appear to be plastered .

Condition  - excellent,  clean inside and out. 
No heavy rusting or pitting present. 
Lots of tinning inside and under the lantern. 

** has not been oil tested **

Civil War era Outhouse ? Hand lantern with chain snuffer

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