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Chicago Tubular Mfg Co.
Only made tubular lanterns from 1868-1873 , after being succeeded by the firm Dennis & Wheeler.
This lantern is patented by Joseph Dennis in 1872 .
A must have piece for tubular collectors , made in the very first few years of the tubular lantern invention of John Henry Irwin.
Features - brass No.1 burner marked 1870 patent J.H.I. ( John Henry Irwin)
Brass globe retainer ( standard in Chicago tubulars)
6 - 1/4 globe with an Amethyst tint , and a BB hole ( very stable ) which adds character and history.
Mold number 17 on the reverse 
Fixed canopy , floating globe plate , 2 piece elbows.

Condition  - excellent for its age , fresh restoration , oil finish.
No rusting, pin holes  or pitting present. 
No visible condition issues. 

Shelf ready condition 

** has not been oil tested **

Chicago Tubular Mfg. 1872 patent ( no filler model )

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