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The Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad (CRI&P RW, sometimes called Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway)[1] (reporting marks CRIP, RI, ROCK) was a Class I railroad in the United States. It was also known as the Rock Island Line, or, in its final years, The Rock.

Adlake Reliable model
No.39 Corning cast globe reads 
Rock Island Lines in a square rounded panel 
Safety first cast on the reverse. 
Bayonet No.1 Adlake burner 

Condition  - very good , dull gray and brown patina . No heavy rusting or pitting present. 
Bottom half has tin plate remaining. 
Fount is clean,  burner is free and turning. 
No visible condition issues. 
Globe has minor flea bites on the edge,  and two globe flaws at top that are air bubbles that form a line.
No cracks in the globe.

** has not been oil tested **

Adlake Reliable Rock Island Lines ( safety first cast globe)

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