Here's a conductor unlike any I've ever seen before.
Globe and frame size are similar to Kelly fixed globes.
Very heavy rugged frame .

This lantern has a unique vent hole pattern , little filigree details in the latch , a unique  plaster mix I've not seen before,  removable wick pick , hand hammered formed bottom .
Brass finial top appears to be original,  no signs of ever being drilled thru.

Cut globe reads J.W. SHULTS With 2 doves in a wreath. 
Globe is not your typical wheel cut look , looks almost owner self done with etching tools , but it is very elaborate and nicely done.

Condition  - near perfect other than the top damage in the vent holes .
No stress cracks or any other damage. 
Nice overall clean patina .

** has not  been  oil tested **

Unknown conductor model ( Kelly Co shape )