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S.N. & H.C. Ufford, Boston, Massachusetts, Cast iron lamp with tin shade 
Burns Grease fat / lard
Popularly used into the early post-Civil War years, primarily due to inexpensive and readily available fuel in the form of animal fat, lard and even strained cooking grease, the Ufford GREASE  lamp clearly saw considerable use in many a country farmhouses. 

Brass tag reads S.N. & H.C. UFFORD/117 Court St. /Boston/Kinnear's patent/Feb. 4, 1851

Condition,  Excellent,  no visible damage or condition issues.
New wicks installed , clean tinned reflector. 

** has not been oil tested **

S.N.& H.C. Ufford Lard Lamp Kinnear's 1851 patent

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