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Made by Steam Gauge and Lantern Company 
This is their Lift Wire model (LW) on the fount.
Factory modified for Dairy wagon and sled use.
Weighted fount ring acts as a drip tray,
and hook hanger for a buckboard mount.
Weighted copper plate also is factory added, this keeps the lantern from bouncing around.

Clear unmarked tubular globe.

Copper tagged on the side brace for 
Deerfoot Farms - was founded in 1847 (some accounts list the date as 1850) by Joseph Burnett, following his acquisition of two farms in Southborough.
Around 1878, Deerfoot began bottling its milk in glass – one of the first dairies to do so - and in 1879 became the first dairy to use a centrifugal cream separator commercially. Credit here goes to Burnett's son, Edward, who became company president in 1871. "(He) was a big proponent of automation," Cook's Info states. "He could have cream separated, bottled and on its way to Boston within one hour of the cows being milked."

Condition - very good, lightly cleaned and oiled only.
Has light pitting / etching in spots but only noticeable under close exam.
Lantern displays nicely as is.
No heavy rusting or grime.

No visible condition issues.
Fuel cap still has the original gasket.

S.G.& L. Co. Milkman's Dairy lantern L.W. ( Deerfoot Farm Co.)

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