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Made by ILL's Mfg as in Illinois 
A short lived obscure company.
This brass top Railroad style frame is only marked with Lewis Betts patent dates on the bottom.  
Nov. 21, 1865
Aug. 20, 1868 
Globe is a unique size similar to a standard no.39 but is shorter.

Condition  - excellent,  beautiful as found Condition,  looks to be barely used.
No heavy rusting or pitting present. 
Can still see the pattern in the metal from the fabricating process.

A very unique frame,  unlike any other makes with its lid latch and bell removal latch.
Fount is fixed within the bell , brass No.1 whale oil burner .

** has not been oil tested **

ILL's Mfg Lewis Betts patent 65,68 brass top Railroad model

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