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Handlan contractor model made in St. Louis, MO. 
For New York Steam Corporation. 

The New York Steam Company began providing service in lower Manhattan on March 3, 1882.[2] Today, Consolidated Edison operates the largest commercial steam system in the world (larger than the next nine combined).[3] The organization within Con Edison responsible for the system's operation, known as Steam Operations, provides steam service to over 1,700 commercial and residential customers in Manhattan from Battery Park to 96th Street uptown on the west side, and 89th Street on the east side of Manhattan.[4] Roughly 24 billion pounds (11,000,000 t) of steam flow through the system every year.[1]

Heavy duty constructed made model .
Beautiful red cast Handlan globe .

Condition - very good, unrestored condition.
Looks to have been red and black at one time.
Brass No.1 push in Handlan burner is free and turning. 
Ready to burn.

No visible working conditions.

** has not been oil tested **

Handlan St. Louis construction lantern ( New York Steam Corp)

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