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Dietz New Farm model 1876-1906 
In 1906 , Dietz dropped the word "New" as they finally decided 30 years of making this lantern it wasn't new anymore! 
Then introduced was the Dietz farm .

This is a hard lantern to find even with the long production period, this modelis an earlier production, with the smaller font relief letters , early Dietz Convex burner with  flower shaped burner thumbwheel.

All original glass panels 

Condition  - very good,  no heavy rusting or pitting present.  Some old crackling patina of its original japanning in crevices.
As found Condition, barn fresh .
No noticeable condition issues. 

Glass panels will be removed and packed separately for shipping , they just slide in for reinstalling. 

** has not been oil tested **

Dietz New Farm Lantern

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