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National Fuel Gas Company

The National Fuel Gas Company was formed in 1902.  It eventually merged with or acquired assets of many companies. The United Natural Gas Company was one of these and it operated independently until 1974.  These subsidiaries laid interconnecting pipelines, tying the many isolated systems into one big network.
In 1916, Iroquois Gas Corporation, a National Fuel subsidiary, proved that significant quantities of natural gas could be stored in tight formations of depleted gas reservoirs. National Fuel at Zoar Field developed the first underground natural gas storage reservoir in the United States , just 40 miles south of Buffalo .  The development of underground natural gas storage in depleted gas fields became a significant economic asset of National Fuel. After World War II, in order to accommodate the skyrocketing demand for this economic fuel, the gas pipelines in the east were connected with the vast gas reserves being discovered in the southwest. Companies like National Fuel with storage capacity could buy southwest supplies to supplement locally produced gas, inject some of this gas into its storage fields and pull it back out during the winter when gas demand peaked. This allowed National Fuel to maximize the efficiency of its pipeline system, increasing the economics of an already economically attractive fuel.
     Other firsts followed: the first gas-fired generator to produce electricity for pipeline protection; in 1973, the first meter-order system to provide computerized scheduling and routing; in 1993, operation of one of the first state-of-the-art computerized one-call centers to increase the efficiency of customer responses by telephone. Today, natural gas is the most popular, environmentally sound and economic fuel choice of homeowners and businesses in the country. National Fuel has been an innovative leader in the development of this industry.
National Fuel Gas Company, incorporated in 1902, is a diversified energy company with its headquarters in Buffalo , New York . The Company’s assets are distributed among six business segments:
       Exploration and Production
       Pipeline and Storage
       Energy Marketing
                   Today the gas field in the Clermont still produces some gas and is used for storage.  It is evident that the operation has declined considerably since the early years.
  United Natural Gas Company
In 1886, the United Natural Gas Company constructed an 87-mile wrought-iron gas transmission line from the gas producing areas near Clermont and other areas in Mc Kean County to Buffalo , New York . This was recognized as the world’s longest natural gas pipeline and was considered on of the construction marvels of the time.

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Dietz Acme inspector curved handle model brass tagged United Nat. Gas co.

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