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Dietz 8-Day:
The Dietz 8-Day Lantern was introduced in 1934, and was manufactured in two different styles.   The first version utilized a 38 oz. "Square" tank that was also used for the Dietz #15, #25, and #30 wall lanterns, and the Square Tank "Hy-Lo" lantern, as well as the #2 and #3 "Imperial" Square lamps and their predecessors. The square tank version turns up regularly with "Empire" marked tops, and was made utilizing the square tank tooling previously used by the C.T. Ham Company for making founts for their round traction lamps.  The second version was made with a 32 oz. round tank.  The rest of the lantern is made of parts common with many Dietz #39 size lanterns.  A special Fresnel (pronounced "Frah-Nell") globe was produced for the 8-Day that dimensionally is the same as the Little Wizard globe.  The square tank version was designed to hold both the 8-Day or Little Wizard globe upside down which allowed the use of the Dietz Vesta Globe right side up as well.  The later round tank version was made to hold the 8-Day Fresnel or Little Wizard globes only right side up.   Production of the Dietz 8-Day was suspended during World War 2 in the 1940's, and replaced by the Dietz Night Watch in 1950, which was produced with a modified tank common with the Streamline Monarch and Little Wizard lanterns.  The Night Watch used the same size Fresnel globe right side up.  These globes can be found marked either 8-Day or Night Watch, and are interchangeable.  When Dietz purchased the W.C. Embury Company in 1953, the Embury #40 Traffic Guard lantern was more popular than the Dietz Night Watch, hence it was discontinued shortly thereafter.
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Stamped for N.Y.S. ( New York Sanitary ? )

Condition - good , original red paint .
Lantern shows sign of wear but good patina still.
No rusting or pitting present.
Burner is free and working.
** no visible working condition issues **
** has not been oil tested **

Dietz 8 Day stamped for N.Y.S.

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