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Dietz Vesta:
There are at least four variations of the Vesta.  The oldest style was made from 1896 to 1906, and used a 5 3/8" tall #39 globe and had a removable bell bottom fount.  The 1906-1908 variation featured the proprietary 4 1/4" tall Vesta Globe, which quickly evolved into the more familiar wire cage version that stood 11" tall.  This version was produced until 1927.  After 1927 the final version was the short Vesta and was 10" tall.  The Dietz Vesta was last produced as late as 1957, coinciding with the relocation of the New York factory to Hong Kong.  For the most part the Dietz Vesta was regarded as a railroad lantern, however, in the solid brass version it was also sold as a deck lantern for marine use, some being marked "Navy Standard Deck Lantern."   Solid brass Vesta lanterns were also produced as retirement gifts for railroad men.   It should also be mentioned that the Vesta was the only Cold Blast signal hand lantern made for railroad hand signaling use.  The New York Central Railroad was one of the largest users of  the Dietz Vesta.  Vesta's marked NYCS are the most common of all Vesta lanterns found today.
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This Dietz Vesta is solid brass construction,  commonly found stamped NAVY DECK , and cracked up in the chimney area , HOWEVER , this one is not marked for Navy use , and is in pristine condition.

Dated production is January 1942
Unmarked KOPP globe 

Condition - excellent, shows signs of very little use.
No cracks in the brass, nice untouched patina .
1 dent in the fount bottom .
No working condition issues present. 
Display ready condition. 

** has  not  been  oil  tested  **
** item  is  on consignment, ships from PA**

Brass Dietz Vesta 1942 model

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