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No.5 Peerless model names the Farm model , made by Bonell and Gridely 
1869 patent .
Not to mistaken by the Parmalee and Bonell  1871 patent  model which looks identical. 

This features a bigger frame,  bigger globe than the standard models. 
Only the 2nd one ive seen using the 6in globe .
Globes are specific to these Peerless models , they take a smaller lower diameter than standard no.39s and 6in RR globes.

Globe is wheel cut G.R.W. with a wreath around it.
Fount is also different in this model than others.
It is a tin bayonet style with a No.1 Camphene burner .

Solid brass construction other than the fount and fount retainer, no cracks or loose joints.
Nice overall patina , no visible condition issues present. 

** has not been oil tested **

Bonell and Gridley 1869 patent peerless model ( rare 6in globe size)

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