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This business was originally established as Archer, Pancoast & Company, in 1859, the co-partnership consisting of Ellis S. Archer, William C. Ellison and George Pancoast. From a modest beginning, the operations of business steadily grew, and in a few years it had won a national reputation for the artistic excellence of its products. In 1868, the business had increased to such extensive proportions that a stock company was organized and incorporated under the laws of New York State, with a capital of US$300,000. The mammoth factory and warehouse were located at No. 67 Greene Street, extending through to Nos. 68, 70, 72 and 74 Wooster Street. The factory was arranged and equipped with the modern machinery and appliances, the majority of which were specially designed and built for these works. A force of 350 skilled mechanics was employed at one time. Each department was under the management of a manager, and the whole was regulated by a system which both facilitated business and assured the prompt execution of orders.
Archer &  Pancoast mfg co.
This is the model is very unique,  looks to be a version of  Convex reflector of 1864 , featuring a different chimney cap. 
Very crude basic design.

Brass push in no.1 sangster  burner is marked ARCHER  & PANCOAST patent March 1st, 1864 on reverse , 65,68 reissue dates  on the thumbwheel. 
Looks to have been repaired at one time possibly with a ferrule tube.

All old glass panels  , swirls and bubbles 
With one panel being red.

Condition  - excellent for its age, with some  of its original black jappanning intact. 
No  heavy rusting or pitting present. 
Glass panels are in good condition with one having a small chip missing in the corner ( as pictured )
A few solder spots have been touched up and tightened. 
No visible working condition issues present. 

This is a very old, crude, and fragile lantern , I do not recommend using it for burning. 

** has not been oil tested **

Archer & Pancoast tall unique Convex model

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