Adam's and Westlake Giant model, made for Railroad and Commercial use.
This beautiful designed frame features a brass top , drop out fount that is brass topped.
A no.1 whale oil burner with a new wick .
A possible custom designed side handle grip to use instead of bail carrying. 

1865 thru 1868 patent dates stamped located on the lower body.

Globe is wheel cut G.H.G. Mfg. Co.
G.H. Grimm
1850 – 1914
Gustave Henry Grimm was born in 1850 in Germany and immigrated to Akron, Ohio, in 1864 where he met and married Esther Logan. He knew no English and could not read or write in English when he arrived to the United States. The young couple then moved to Hudson in 1870 and set about establishing roots in the community.
Grimm built a house at 55 Oviatt Street and briefly worked for John Chapman in his stove shop until the two had a falling out. His involvement in the community began with his service on town council and also the fire department and Masonic temple. Grimm grew weary of working for someone else and established the G.H. Grimm Manufacturing Company in 1882.  He partnered with local farmer Horace Clark and patented the dropped flue evaporator which allowed for more efficient boiling of liquids such as sap. Grimm began to market this new means of making maple syrup and also produced many other pieces of equipment that maple producers still utilize to make syrup.
During the 1880s, the maple syrup producers were beginning to organize as a professional association and Gustave Grimm became deeply involved in the formation of the Western Reserve Sugar Makers Association in 1881 and 1882. He was additionally traveling a great deal throughout the maple belt to promote the “Champion Evaporator” and wrote articles on maple sugar & syrup related topics such as whether one could tap maple trees in the fall as well as the spring. (Today we know it is possible but it taxes the tree and therefore, we do not often see trees tapped in autumn.)

Condition - excellent, recently restored to an amazing condition.
No rust , no pitting, no visible condition  issues.
Oil finish and polished brass.
Shelf display ready! 

** has  not been oil  tested **

Wm. Westlake patent the "Giant" wheel cut globe G.H.G. Mfg. Co.



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