S.M. Aikman Manufacturing of N.Y. 
Truly a unique civil war era box panel lantern. 
This is the first of this style I have seen from this company out of the 14 different models known. 
From what I can see is they made this from a  standard engineer top and bottom , commonly found with a threaded G.W. Woodward globe.
Top and bottom are crimped and soldered inside the box. 
A bayonet release fount with a no.1 Callender burner and finger carrying loop with a fancy filagree design.
Box portion is tin and measures 4.5 x 6 in
Overall lantern height is 10.5 in 

Condition - excellent,  all original slide in  glass panels .
Brass has a beautiful patina,  tin box portion is clean with no pitting.
Only visible condition issue is a small split under a bail hole.

** has not been  oil  tested **
** item  is  on consignment, ships from PA**

S.M. Aikman Mfg. Civil War era Box lantern