A unique transition company piece of tooling from both companies.
Steam  Gauge and  Lantern  Company 
With New England  Glass  Company 
Before New England  Glass Co ( NEG ) went out of business in 1878 , they had been making a bunch of different loose globe model lanterns.
I dont believe any knows what happened to the lantern  tooling.
This model for sale and along with others  have surfaced with parts from both NEG and SG&L.
This particular lantern features  an SG&L constructed body and brass top , with a NEG  patented  clip release fount ( but no longer NEG date stamped ) , and their style lid latch .
Fount is tin sleeved skinny glass pot with a No.1 sangster patented burner.
Globe is a 6in barrel

Condition -  very good , clean smooth tin  , with light surface rust in spots.
No heavy rusting or pitting present.
No visible working condition issues either.
Brass top has 2 dimple dents as shown.

** has not been oil tested  **

** item is on consignment, ships from PA **

S.G.& L. Co / N.E.G. Co transition Railroad style model ( brass top )