New Production Replacement Globe fits Dietz #39, Vulcan, Steel Clad, the Pre-1925 Watchman, Old Dietz Vesta with Bell Bottom, C. T. Ham #39 Railroad Lanterns, the Keystone "Casey," and the Adams & Westlake Reliable Lanterns that take a 5 3/8" tall globe. Our "Plain Globes" have no logo, and are made of lighter weight spun glass, and are available in "Solid" Colors, (the globe is made of colored glass.)
Dimensions: ■ Height: 5 3/8"■ Top: 2 1/2"■ Bottom: 3 1/4"
Red adds $5
Amber adds $5
NOTICE : This item ships from an outside vendor , May expect shipping delays.

No.39 "Tall" Railroad Globe

Option 1
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