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The Kentucky & Indiana Bridge is one of the first multi modal bridges to cross the Ohio River. It is for both railway and common roadway purposes together.[1] By federal, state, and local law railway and streetcar, wagon-way, and pedestrian modes of travel were intended by the City of New Albany, City of Louisville, State of Kentucky, State of Indiana, the United States Congress, and the bridge owners.[2] The K & I Bridge connects Louisville, Kentucky to New Albany, Indiana. Constructed from 1881 to 1885 by the Kentucky and Indiana Bridge Company, the original K&I Bridge opened in 1886. It included a single standard gauge track and two wagon ways, allowing wagons and other animal powered vehicles to cross the Ohio River by a method other than ferry for the first time. At the time motorized vehicles were virtually nonexistent. The K&I Bridge company also owned a ferry boat operation during both the 1st and 2nd bridge; eventually that operation was sold as the bridge's success largely outmoded boat usage.

Dressel Arlington model 
K&ITRR Kentucky & Indiana Terminal
Red fresnel globe 
Correct marked fount and brass no.1 bayonet burner. 

Condition  - very good , clean bright tin plate remaining. No heavy rusting or pitting present. 
Fount is clean with minor surface rust. 
Burner is free and turning. 

** has not been oil tested **

K&ITRR Kentucky & Indiana Terminal Dressel Arlington ( red fresnel)

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