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The New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad (reporting mark NH), commonly known simply as the New Haven, was a railroad that operated in the New England region of the United States from 1872 to 1968, dominating the region's rail traffic for the first half of the 20th century.,_New_Haven_and_Hartford_Railroad

New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad
Dietz No.39 Vulcan double guard frame 
Clear cast Corning globe 
Correct Dietz Convex burner 

Condition - good, lots of clean tin with patina , no  heavy rusting or pitting  present.
Globe retainer could use a good cleaning with oil , it is rusty but still usable. 
Burner is free and turning.
Fount is excellent. 
No visible  working conditions.

** has  not been oil tested **

Dietz No.39 Vulcan N.Y.N.H. & H.R.R. ( cast globe )

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