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The Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad (reporting mark CBQ) was a railroad that operated in the Midwestern United States. Commonly referred to as the Burlington Route, the Burlington, or as the Q,[1][2] it operated extensive trackage in the states of Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and also in New Mexico and Texas through subsidiaries Colorado and Southern Railway, Fort Worth and Denver Railway, and Burlington-Rock Island Railroad.[citation needed] Its primary connections included Chicago, Minneapolis–Saint Paul, St. Louis, Kansas City, and Denver. Because of this extensive trackage in the midwest and mountain states, the railroad used the advertising slogans "Everywhere West", "Way of the Zephyrs", and "The Way West".

Dressel Arlington short globe model 
Marked (BR) for Burlington route 
Globe is etched (BR) as well.
Dressel fount with a large No.2 brass Badger burner. 

Condition  - excellent with no heavy rusting or pitting present. 
Just some light soot in the chimney and on globe.
Fount is clean,  burner is free and turning. 

No visible condition issues present. 

** has not been oil tested **

Burlington Route ( BR) Dressel Arlington ( etched globe)

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