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Since the first use of acetylene gas on bicycles and for house lighting, there have been many improvements in the construction of different generators, and the first to enter the field with a lantern for fire department use in this country was the Frank E. Bundy Lamp company, of Elmira, N. Y. This firm has designed an acetylene hand lantern for use in fire departments, more particularly, which is shown in the illustration. It has already come into favor in a number of fire departments throughout the country, and wherever it has been used it has given entire satisfaction. The lantern is constructed in such a way that it will fit the majority of apparatus in use in the United 2States and Canada, and it is so simple that it can be handled by any fireman. The waterchamber is located above the carbide or the generating chamber, and water is supplied to the carbide by the supply pipe in its central passage. A needle-valve, operated by an exterior handle, controls the supply of the water. The water is also automatically controled by a small check-valve, which operates when the gas pressure becomes greater than the weight of the water in the water-chamber—thus insuring a perfectly even light at all times. This light is designed more especially for a life-saver than it is for burning continuously on the apparatus, and is meant to use only when actually fighting fires. It is impervious to steam and smoke, and wherever a man can go with a smoke mask this light will burn as brightly as it will in the open air. Furthermore, this lamp will not jar out, and this makes it of great value to the fireman, who is unfortunate enough to fall down in the debris and have his lantern go out. It is highly recommended by chiefs of fire departments who are using it, and it seems possible that the lamp will become one of the important aids in successful fire fighting.

Lantern was made by Railroad signal lamp and lantern for The Bundy Lamp Co.

Tall 6in teardrop globe marked 
Dietz 6 R.R. 
Brass constructructed Carbide fount 

Condition  -  Good , light to medium pitting , worse on the top then anywhere else.
Recently cleaned and rust removed .
No visible holes or major damage. 
Not sure how these operate , but appears to be complete .

All parts are original but has not been gas tested .

** item is on consignment,  ships from PA **

Bundy Acetylene Carbide gas Fire Department lantern

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