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Archer Pancoast Mfg. 
No.6 Vesta ( very rare short lived model under this name ) 

This business was originally established as Archer, Pancoast & Company, in 1859, the co-partnership consisting of Ellis S. Archer, William C. Ellison and George Pancoast. From a modest beginning, the operations of business steadily grew, and in a few years it had won a national reputation for the artistic excellence of its products. In 1868, the business had increased to such extensive proportions that a stock company was organized and incorporated under the laws of New York State, with a capital of US$300,000. The mammoth factory and warehouse were located at No. 67 Greene Street, extending through to Nos. 68, 70, 72 and 74 Wooster Street.

This model continued under the Dietz and Smith company in 1868.

Patent dates June 24th 1864, November 20th 1866 stamped on the fount .

March 1st 1864 on the burner , with Archer Pancoast on the opposite side, stars on the thumbwheel.

Globe has a threaded top notch to lock into the frame. ( to remove the globe, insert your hand into the globe and twist with fingers extended  gripping the globe) 

Condition  - is pretty flawless,  one ofvthe best examples to surface.
Barn fresh find.
Looks to have been barely if any use.
Smooth clean  tin , no pitting or heavy rusting present, no loose solder.
Bright tinned bottom .
Only condition issue is the bail holes show some wear. 

** has not been oil tested **

** item is on consignment,  ships from PA **

Archer Pancoast No.6 Vesta 1864,66 patent

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