Solid brass one piece machined replacement 1/2" diameter 24 T.P.I. fuel caps for lanterns made by the Steam Gauge and Lantern Company (SG&L Co.) while it operated in Rochester, New York between 1881 and 1888. During the same time period the R.E. Dietz Company of New York City sold lanterns manufactured by the SG&L Co., such as the #10 Brass Tubular, that used the same 1/2" diameter cap. After fire destroyed the SG&L factory in 1888, and the company moved to Syracuse, they adopted the 9/16" diameter caps already in use by Dietz and other manufacturers. Our reproduction caps differ from the originals only slightly in that they are machined from a single piece of brass, whereas the originals were stamped from sheet brass and then threaded. Appearance wise they are almost indistinguishable from the originals, right down to the knurled edge.


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#400 Solid Brass Fuel Cap (1/2")

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