Bought from a collection of  a gentleman who bought them at the R.E. Dietz Mfg. closing estate auction sale in the 1990s

Both are unstamped , undated, no lift systems.
The bigger of the two is an uncompleted mockup , no signs of a bail, hinged cone , burner installed.

Both are unfired , unused as they should be.

The one with the globe is marked Sample on the bottom .

You be the judge what they were trying to make here ? Possibly the Clipper, Hy-Lo, Monarch  models ?

Sold together as thats how they were found.
A truly unique item for a Dietz collector,  great conversation pieces.

Condition  - excellent,  both only have light surface rust , no heavy rusting or pitting present.

2 Dietz Prototype tubular models from the Dietz estate