2 1/4" Diameter Replacement Bulls Eye Lense, heat resistant pressed glass.

Optional retaining mounting ring.


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  Red, Add $5
  Green, Add $5
  Blue, Add $5
  Amber, Add $5
Mounting Ring:
  Brass, Add $1
  Tin Plated, Add $1


Use to replace broken or missing lenses in the Dietz Junior and Victor Wagon Lamps and Lanterns, the Buckeye Dash, the Blizzard Dash, and the King, Queen, and Tubular Fire Department lanterns.  

Colored bulls eye lenses were used in fire department lanterns to identify firefighting personnel at the scene of a fire.  Below is a chart for the designations.


N.Y.F.D. DESIGNATIONS (Circa 1890-1940)
RED Chief Engineer,
or Danger-Do Not Cross Hoses
BLUE Assistant Chief Engineer
GREEN Foreman
AMBER Assistant Foreman, or Chief Hoseman

2 1/4" Diameter Replacement Bulls Eye Lense

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